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Full Size Safes (8 Products)
  Gun Safes > Full Size Safes 
  Browning's Bronze Series Safe(CALL FOR SHIPPING)
Wolfe Publishing CompanyBrowning's Bronze Series Safe(CALL FOR SHIPPING)
SALES TAX WILL BE ADDED TO SAFES SHIPPED TO TX,MO,NY,UT,WA STATES. Bronze Series Features Bronze series features a 12-gauge steel body,1" formed steel door,Force Deflector Locking Mechanism, 1" steel bolts, DPH Storage System on top half of door, UL® tool attack listed, S & G Group II lock with keylock dial and five-year limited warranty, Three-spoke handle, Scroll graphic on door, Baked on high gloss or rugged textured finishes, Elevated floor to facilitate removal of guns, 1200° F/45 min. fire protection, Two layers of 1/2" fire-resistant material in the body and door. Chrome handle on textured finish, gold-plated handle on gloss finish
1601100058 Bronze Series Gloss Black 20/30+10, Scroll Design, BR34 60"H x 36"W x 27"D (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,845.60 Add to Cart
1601100056 Bronze Series Gloss Black 20/46 +10, BR41 60"hx44w"x27d" (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $2,178.00 Add to Cart
1601100062 Bronze Series Gloss Black 7/14 + 5 BR16 60"x24"x19" (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,231.20 Add to Cart
1601100060 Bronze Series Gloss Black 9/18 + 7 BR24 60x30x23 (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,371.60 Add to Cart
1601100059 Bronze Series Textured Charcoal 20/30 + 10, Scroll Design, BR34 60"Hx36"x27"D (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,704.00 Add to Cart
1601100057 Bronze Series Textured Charcoal 20/46 +10 BR41 60hx44wx27d (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,941.00 Add to Cart
1601100063 Bronze Series Textured Charcoal 7/14 +5 BR16, 60" x 24" x 19" (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,135.20 Add to Cart
1601100061 Bronze Series Textured Charcoal 9/18 +7 BR24 60"H x 30"W x 23"D (call for shipping)
Discount Price: $1,278.00 Add to Cart