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.45-90 WCF Model 1886 (26-inch barrel) Reloading Data

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Warning! Notes: All bullets poured from 1-20 (tin to lead) alloy, sized .459 inch and lubed with SPG. RCBS bullets fitted with Lyman gas checks. All loads put in Starline brass. Smokeless loads ignited with Winchester Large Rifle primers and black-powder load used Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum primers. Black-powder load also had a .060-inch Walters vegetable fiber wad between powder and bullet. All loads assembled with a standard set of Lyman .45-90 dies. All of these loads would group into two to three minutes of angle (MOA) at 100 yards with Mike's Model 1886 Winchester using its standard buckhorn rear sight with ivory bead front. (Handloader Issue #233)
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
320 RCBS 45-300FN Accurate XMP-5744 Click Here 1,379
320 RCBS 45-300FN Accurate XMP-5744 Click Here 1,524
320 RCBS 45-300FN Accurate XMP-5744 Click Here 1,625
335 Lyman 457122 HP Swiss 1 1/2 Fg Click Here 1,484
420 RCBS 45-400 FN roundnose Accurate XMP-5744 Click Here 1,459

.45 Caliber Reloading Data