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.30-40 Ackley Improved (P.O. Ackley Data) Reloading Data

Warning! Notes: The Improved .30/40 is one of the best of the "Improved" cartridges but it has never gained popularity because of the lack of suitable actions. It is a very fine cartridge for the better single shot actions like the Hi-wall Winchester, Sharps Borchardt or the P14 Enfield. There is also a number of the old Winchester Model 54's in .30/30 calibre which can easily be converted for the Improved .30/40. Due to the wide rim and relatively strong case, it handles high pressures well and loads equalling the standard .300 Magnum have been used for a long time by owners of rifles chambered for the cartridge. Cases are made by fire forming factory loads in the improved chamber. Standard twist: 10". (Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders/Vol. 1 - P.O. Ackley, 1962) NOTE: USE THIS DATA WITH EXTREME CAUTION
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
150 Alliant HiVel #2 Click Here 3,287
180 IMR IMR-4350 Click Here 2,740
180 IMR IMR-4350 Click Here 2,920
180 IMR IMR-4064 Click Here 2,902
220 IMR IMR-4350 Click Here 2,603

.30 Caliber Reloading Data