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6.5 Mannlicher-Schoenauer / 6.5mm M-S Reloading Data

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Warning! Notes: Velocities were measured on an Oehler Model 10 chronograph, fifteen feet from the muzzle, and represent five-shot averages. All rounds fired from a standard Model 1952 Mannlicher-Schoenauer carbine with a 17.5-inch barrel. Temperature seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. All loads assembled in CIL cases. CCI 200 primers used in all loads. (Rifle Issue #67 - January, 1980)
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
120 Speer Winchester W-748 Click Here 2,614
140 Sierra Winchester W-748 Click Here 2,389
160 Hornady Winchester W-748 Click Here 2,267
120 Speer Winchester W-760 Click Here 2,680
140 Sierra Winchester W-760 Click Here 2,466
160 Hornady Winchester W-760 Click Here 2,259
120 Speer Winchester W-785 Click Here 2,680
140 Sierra Winchester W-785 Click Here 2,493
160 Hornady Winchester W-785 Click Here 2,293
143 cast Winchester W-748 Click Here 2,249
143 cast Winchester W-785 Click Here 2,444

6.5mm Caliber Reloading Data