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.44 WCF / .44-40 Winchester Colt Peacemaker (Old West Handgun Loads) Reloading Data

Warning! Notes: Centennial Frontier Six Shooter, 7 1/2-inch barrel. All chronograph figures taken with Oehler Model 35P with start screen at approximately six feet. All bullets cast of 1-20 (tin-to-lead) alloy and lubed with SPG. Sized to .428 inch. All powder charges thrown from Montana Vintage Arms Measure and drop tubed into cases. Brass was Winchester. (Handloader Issue #244 - December, 2006)
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
213 RCBS 44-200-FN RN/FP GOEX FFg Click Here 870
213 RCBS 44-200-FN RN/FP GOEX FFFg Click Here 945
213 RCBS 44-200-FN RN/FP Swiss FFFg Click Here 1,011