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6mm Dasher Reloading Data

Warning! Notes: 6mm-250 (6mm International) loading data. Historical Notes: The 22 Dasher was developed as a means of approximating 22-250 ballistics in a shorter case but using cases with the same base diameter. Thinner case walls and the modern Ackley case shape make it possible for the significantly shorter BR case to achieve that goal. This 6mm version is simply the 22-caliber Dasher necked up to accept 6mm bullets with no other changes. (Cartridges of the World 10th Edition)
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
55 Nosler BT Hodgdon H-335 Click Here 4,000
70 Nosler BT Hodgdon H-335 Click Here 3,650

6mm Caliber Reloading Data