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8x50R Lebel Load Data Reloading Data

Warning! Notes: The 8mm Lebel was the first smallbore, smokeless-powder military cartridge developed by any world power. The cartridge and the Lebel bolt-action rifle were both adopted in 1886. The original loading used a 232-grain, jacketed flat-nose, flat-base bullet called the Balle M. In 1898, a solid bronze, spitzer boattail, 198-grain bullet was adopted - the famous Balle D. The cartridge was further updated in 1932. Remington manufactured Lebel rifles and ammunition for the French government during World War I. When the war ended, all the surplus was sold commercially and Remington turned out sporting ammunition with a 170-grain, bronze-pointed bullet. No sporting rifles have been made in this chambering. The 8mm Lebel cartridge is in the 308 Winchester class and makes a fine cartridge for deer or elk hunting. Modern 8mm Lebel sporting ammunition is difficult to find. Plenty of good 0.323-inch bullets are available and American cases can easily be reloaded. Military cases have Berdan primers of 0.199-inch or 0.216-inch size and are less practical to reload. (Cartridges of the World 10th Edition)
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
170 SP IMR IMR-4895 Click Here 2570
198 SP IMR IMR-3031 Click Here 2380
198 SP IMR IMR-4895 Click Here 2450

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