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8mm-06 / 8mm-06 Ackley Improved Reloading Data

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Warning! Notes: Standard twist: 12". The 8mm-06 is made by simply necking up the standard .30-06 case to accept the 8mm (.323) bullet. Standard 8mm barrels can easily be rechambered for the 8mm-06 and the magazines lengthened slightly to handle the longest bullets, thus creating a rifle that is certainly the equal of the .30-06 and most likely one which is more effective for the larger types of big game. Standard twist: 12". 8mm-06 Ackley Improved - This cartridge is simply the Ackley Improved 06 necked up to 8mm and is even better than the very fine standard 8mm-06. It is especially good for the heavier bullets from 170 gr. up. Since the 8mm-06 is a handloading proposition anyway, it would seem that the Improved version would be the better choice. It should be as effective on all species of big game as the standard .300 Magnum. Use loading data for the standard 8mm-06, increase 5%. (Handbook for Shooters & Reloaders/Vol. 1 - P.O. Ackley, 1962) NOTE: USE THIS DATA WITH EXTREME CAUTION
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
125 Hercules HiVel #2 Click Here 3240
125 Hercules HiVel #2 Click Here 3378
125 IMR IMR-3031 Click Here 3278
125 IMR IMR-4064 Click Here 3298
150 Hercules HiVel #2 Click Here 3072
150 IMR IMR-4064 Click Here 3020
150 IMR IMR-4895 Click Here 3026
150 IMR IMR-4895 Click Here 3114
170 IMR IMR-4064 Click Here 2876
170 IMR IMR-4320 Click Here 2950
170 IMR IMR-4064 Click Here 2984
200 IMR IMR-4350 Click Here 2740
250 IMR IMR-4831 Click Here 2430

8mm Caliber Reloading Data