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.357 Magnum 10-inch Contender Barrel Reloading Data

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Warning! Notes: All loads crimped in crimping groove or cannelure provided. All data the result of a single representative 10-round group, fired from a sandbag rest. Velocities were measured 10 feet from the muzzle with an Oehler Model 33 chronograph. All cases .357 unless otherwise noted. Update: Alliant Powder Company does not recommend Blue Dot in the .357 magnum using 125-grain bullets. Recipes for heavier bullet weights are acceptable. Their new tests on recent powder samples have shown high pressure spikes that can damage personal property or injure you. For this reason we removed all 125-grain Blue Dot data from .357 magnum tables. (Handloader Issure 168)
Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data.
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
110 Sierra JHP Alliant Blue dot Click Here 1,931
158 RCBS 38-158 RN Alliant Bullseye Click Here 678
148 Speer HBWC Alliant Bullseye Click Here 767
158 Hornady SWC Alliant Unique Click Here 1,251
158 hard cast SWC Alliant Unique Click Here 1,417
140 Speer JHP Winchester W-296 Click Here 1,867
140 Speer JHP Winchester W-296 Click Here 1,881
180 Speer FN Winchester W-296 Click Here 1,435
200 Hornady RN Hodgdon H-110 Click Here 1,427
200 Hornady SP Hodgdon H-110 Click Here 1,395