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.30 Gibbs Reloading Data

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Warning! Notes: All loads gave safe, trouble-free working pressures, but with the throat of test rifle quite badly worn, they are likely to prove excessive in new barrels. However, loads with similar pressures will give similar velocities. Starting loads should be at least five grains below those listed above. .30 Gibbs Model 70 Winchester; .30-06 rechambered 24-inch barrel; W-W case, 194 grains; CCI No. 200 primers (Handloader Issue 73)
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Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
220 Hornady Hodgdon H-4831 Click Here 2,598
220 Hornady Norma MRP Click Here 2,597
220 Hornady IMR IMR-4831 Click Here 2,591
220 Hornady IMR 4350 Click Here 2,497
220 Hornady Hodgdon H-205 Click Here 2,527
200 Nosler new style PJ Hodgdon H-4831 Click Here 2,757
200 Nosler new style PJ Norma MRP Click Here 2,715
200 Nosler new style PJ IMR IMR-4831 Click Here 2,744
200 Nosler new style PJ IMR 4350 Click Here 2,771
200 Nosler new style PJ Hodgdon H-205 Click Here 2,727
180 Hornady spitzer Hodgdon H-4831 Click Here 2,818
180 Hornady spitzer Norma MRP Click Here 2,873
180 Hornady spitzer IMR IMR-4831 Click Here 2,924
180 Hornady spitzer IMR 4350 Click Here 2,882
180 Hornady spitzer IMR 4350 Click Here 2,886
180 Hornady spitzer Hodgdon H-205 Click Here 2,916
165 Nosler solid base Norma MRP Click Here 3,098
165 Nosler solid base Norma N-204 Click Here 3,044
165 Nosler solid base IMR 4350 Click Here 3,074
165 Nosler solid base Winchester W-760 Click Here 3,069
165 Nosler solid base Hodgdon H-205 Click Here 3,098
150 Speer Mag-Tip Norma N-204 Click Here 3,106
150 Speer Mag-Tip Winchester W-760 Click Here 3,168
150 Speer Mag-Tip Hodgdon H-205 Click Here 3,246
150 Speer Mag-Tip IMR IMR-4320 Click Here 3,057

.30 Caliber Reloading Data