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LoadData - .257 JDJ

.257 JDJ

Warning! CAUTION: THESE ARE VERY HOT LOADS! FOR USE IN SSK BARRELS ONLY! NOTES: Based on the 225 Winchester case (itself a modified 30-30 case) this improved chambering provides ample capacity to deliver near-maximum quarter-bore velocity from handgun-length barrels (14-16 inches). Best applications are in handgun varminting and hunting of smaller big game species. A preferred bullet for the latter application is Nosler's 85-grain Ballistic Tip. This cartridge can launch this bullet to about 2,900 fps with top loads from a 14-inch barrel. This combination is said to provide good terminal performance to 300 yards. One can use heavier bullets to deliver more energy. However, reduced velocity limits expansion and trajectory errors increase. Therefore, hunters should limit use of such bullets to shorter ranges. The 75-90 grain Barnes X bullets offer potential advantages for hunting applications. However, use of these bullets requires special handloading techniques (deeper bullet seating and a reduction in powder charge). (Cartridges of the World 9th Edition)
Wt. Bullet Powder Manufacturer Powder Charge Velocity (FPS)
75 HP Hodgdon H-322 Click Here 2,310
75 HP Winchester W-748 Click Here 2,645
100 SP Winchester W-748 Click Here 1,405
117 SP IMR IMR-4350 Click Here 2,195
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