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RCBS Silhouette Cast Bullets Load Development
John Haviland / Wolfe Publishing Co. 8/24/2016
Many cast rifle bullet designs are intended for a specific purpose and to fit certain sized chamber throats, leade angles and cartridge neck lengths. That can limit their usefulness in some cartridges... Read More
Loads for an Auto Ordnance Thompson Carbine Bench Topics
Bob Campbell / Wolfe Publishing Co. 6/30/2016
Few firearms are more interesting than the Thompson submachine gun (SMG). While most of us will never own a true Thompson SMG, there are alternatives. In some cases the pride of ownership alone is... Read More
Cutting Edge Handgun Bullets Load Development
Charles E. Petty 6/7/2016
There have been a few attempts to make segmented bullets that would separate into several projectiles when they entered flesh. At first glance that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but there were some... Read More