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Loads for an Auto Ordnance Thompson Carbine Bench Topics
Bob Campbell / Wolfe Publishing Co. 6/30/2016
Few firearms are more interesting than the Thompson submachine gun (SMG). While most of us will never own a true Thompson SMG, there are alternatives. In some cases the pride of ownership alone is... Read More
Cutting Edge Handgun Bullets Load Development
Charles E. Petty 6/7/2016
There have been a few attempts to make segmented bullets that would separate into several projectiles when they entered flesh. At first glance that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but there were some... Read More
The History of Handloading: Not Just a Fad Anymore Load Development
Brian Pearce / Wolfe Publishing Co. 4/7/2016
As Handloader magazine gets ready for its 50th anniversary issue, we asked Brian Pearce to do a piece on the History of handloading. Please be sure to check out our 50th anniversary issue of... Read More